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Mes a Mes

May 30 2024 - June 27 2024

"Mes a Mes," the debut US solo exhibition of Enrich R., a Spanish-born artist whose lineage is steeped in the tradition of abstract painting. Enrich’s artistic talent transcends his years, bringing forth a mastery that is both innovative and profoundly rooted in history.


Enrich's creative process is one of relentless introspection and refinement. Each morning, he steps into his studio and revisits the previous day's work, scrutinizing it under new light to gauge its emotional resonance. His pursuit is singular: to capture that elusive element that keeps the viewer in perpetual tension. It is through this rigorous, month-by-month progression that each piece evolves, imbuing the fabric with a consciousness that transforms it into a sensory yet enigmatic object. Thus, the exhibition title, "Mes a Mes" — month by month in English — aptly reflects this meticulous journey.

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