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Welcome to Galerie Ground, a unique space that redefines the conventional white box gallery setting by combining art, architecture, and nature. Our mission is to create a serene and immersive environment where visitors can experience the beauty of art in a natural and organic way. We strive for a minimalist and understated aesthetic that highlights the essential qualities of each artwork.

Our collection is carefully curated to showcase a diverse range of artists, with a focus on contemporary and emerging talent. We believe that art has the power to express individuality and to challenge traditional notions of beauty. Our goal is to provide a platform for artists who push boundaries and inspire others.

We invite you to visit us and experience the transformative power of art in a truly inspiring setting. Our gallery is a haven for those seeking a quiet moment of contemplation, and we are excited to share our passion for art with you.

Armando Mesías


Los Angeles



New York

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